Friday, February 6, 2009

Kory, Global warming to kill all that exists!

In the future there could be a significant amount of global warming. This would have a drastic effect on circulation patterns in the water of the Atlantic Ocean. The warmer surface water temperature move north from the tropics toward the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. This brings heat to Europe and eastern North American, but not to the same extreme. If there was a drastic change in the temperature of the surface want, along with the increase of rainfall, this could have an effect on the circular pattern. There has been a geological record of this happening in the past. The time when this happen, the temperatures in Europe dropped by a significant amount. Some scientists believe that unstoppable global warming could be a factor. They have named this possibility "runaway greenhouse effect". If this were to become turn, almost all life on earth would be in danger, because of rising temperatures, changes in the oceans currents, and there would be difference in rainfall patterns.

I do not believe that this "extreme" global warming will occur. There has always been a shift from warming to cooling on our planet. I do agree that we have to reduce pollution immediately and eventually all together, but I do not believe that it will cause this case of global warming to occur. It is a scary thought that we could potentially kill off life on earth because of our daily tasks and luxuries. Sciences needs to event better ways of transportation and i believe that this will happen and happen soon.

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